PhazeVibe from F-Pedals, is a terrific-sounding, highly tweakable Vibe-style pedal. 

 EchoBandit does a great job of capturing a warm, tape-delay character. And I’m using it old-school, in front of my Ethos “amp.”

Pete Thorn

I am a working bass player and discovered the Darklight to be an unbelievable drive for my bass playing. It's capable of adding the proper overdrive to the fundamental frequency of the bass

Erick, Los Angeles

I came across a video with Eddie and Clifton David Broadbridge at Moog Audio here in Toronto showcasing your pedals. I then found several other videos showcasing your pedals, including ones with Tim Pierce and Pete Thorn. They sounded great! The fact that such iconic figures were backing your products, they are called F pedals (F for my first name Fabio) and they are made in Italy sold me!

Fabio, Toronto.

Matterix turns any single coil into a fire breathing beast! 

Tom, New York

I purchased the Eddie Kramer bundle Edstortion and Phazevibe because I am a big fan of Jimi Hendrix and I assumed these pedals were going to sound good. I have been playing them for almost one year and the sound quality in such convenient size has by far surpassed my expectations. 

Marco, Rome

All three mod positions of Phazevibe are useful to me, and I did notice the Eddie Kramer touch, as the Hendrix feel is quite obvious. I compared this pedal to a boutique pedal I have been using and have to say it is "there" and has more variety of sounds and therefore as/more useful. The presence and clarity is there, lending itself totally and melodically user friendly.

Tim, Nashville