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Yurei is transparent like a ghost. It will make your guitar or bass sound sharp and cutting through any music environment with the same precision of a samurai sword. Yurei is a Samurai Ghost, an amazingly useful discrete tool, a Buffer/Clean Boost, it's a GhostBooster.  Suitable for both Bass and Guitar. Can be extremely useful to revive a lowered signal due to long cables or many pedals connected in your board. Use it before or after your favorite distortion pedal, or just with your amp to get incredible tones.

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Pedal Type

Buffer - Clean Boost


Boost Potentiometer with Led Status Indicator built in. 


Input and output 2 x 1/4”  


9 to 18 Volts DC adapter (optional) - (No Battery Slot inside)

Power Draw : 8mA

Tech Specs

True bypass 


Aluminum Case - Plastic Bottom to allow optional wireless power technology

Size & Weight

3.5 x 1.25 inches - 9 x 3 cm   -  0.5 lbs - 15g


+8db output of clean boost



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